Sunday, May 25, 2008

aunt lee's

I sat in a row boat and got my jeans wet.

I napped on a dock and wore a bandanna on my head.

I can still do semi-cool trampoline tricks and land on my feet. Adulthood, I'm not your fool.

I learned about urban dining and ran through Portland barefoot.

Today life is tangled but life is pretty.
I don't like straight lines anyway.

just as it was before.

We’ve done this for two decades now, you and me
We climb the ladder nailed to the tall tree
Juice boxes and sandals; we sit on the end
This tree house, this moment that happens again and again

Ten years old us plus some things that are new
We’ve added some meaning, meaning to the things that we do
We’re allowed to ask that growing up not keep all of its promises
We’re allowed to sit up here and forget about all of the losses

Young you and me but now we’re less afraid
Young you and me but less time to play
In this tree life feels just as it was before
So life must move in circles, this life must be more

We still have tangles in our hair; still sap on our hands
We still like it best when our feet dangle above land
Not everything will change, not everything will turn mundane
You and me and this moment again, this will always be the same

It’s a beautiful battle in this forest of ferns
I won’t let you loose this one, in and through these grown up turns
It’s a beautiful battle between ten and twenty
Same things again, but this time it’s different, this time we’re ready

Friday, May 23, 2008

Time to see me from far away today.
It’s time to sit in a car and embrace the fog-brain that comes with staring out the window.
Life’s been new and a little bit surreal. Gwoatmeal, the library, and a certain hall door.

Pita chips, lawn mowers, and a cat with issues.

I'm ready for my camera to live again.
I'm glad that I won't take a spanish test ever again in life.
I need more sharpies.

days like today,

putting words on my thoughts feels like chasing chickens into a coop.